Premium Sliced Ham

Sliced premium ham from Glen Aine Foods


Pork (70%), Water, Starch, salt, sugars (dried glucose & maltodextrin), Stabilisers (Sodium Di, Tri & Polyphosphates), Pork Protein, Gelling agent (Carrageenan), Antioxidant (Sodium Ascorbate), Preservative (Sodium Nitrite).​

Cold Food
Sliced Turkey


May contain: Traces of  Soya, Wheat and Gluten.

Nutritional Information: 

  • Portion Size: 27g

Per 100g: 

kCal 103

Protein 15

Fat 3

Saturated Fat: 1.2

Carbohydrate: 4

Sugar: 1.3

Salt: 2.7