Snack / Breakfast Club

At Carambola, we know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day for growing minds. We have developed a full range of nutrient-rich, great tasting breakfast and snack menu options for your students.

Carambola snack and breakfast club

High-quality Breakfasts and Snacks

You know that schoolkids who start their day on a full stomach and eat healthily throughout have much better levels of well-being and academic success. A healthy breakfast will kickstart their day and help increase concentration, memory and brain function, allowing your students to learn as best they can from the moment they arrive.

Whether it’s Cumann na mBunscol matches, PE, or playground games, these kids are active and require nutrient-rich foods for bone growth, muscle development, and overall health. A balanced diet supports their immune system, helping your students stay resilient against common illnesses, positively influencing mood and behavior. 

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