Chilled Lunches

This is how it all began! Way back in 2003, our founders, professional caterers, Colm and Aideen O'Brien were asked to supply cold lunches under a Government Pilot Scheme. They served twenty-seven children on day one of service. It started simply with very limited choice which over the years has grown to become rather eye-watering in its complexity. Often copied, never equaled, Carambola still leads the field today.

Carambola chilled lunches

At Carambola we love to feed our children deliciously tasty healthy food

At Carambola we noticed over the years that children are very discerning from a very early age, and becoming even more so, even younger than back in the day when we started out. 

The simple choices we started the School Meals Revolution with are long since consigned to the history books, having been replaced over time with more choice, and even better quality. 

In the Carambola Chilled Lunch Menu, parents and guardians can choose from literally hundreds of permutations to create the nutritious lunch each child wants. 

Multiple bread types, salad types, and myriad fillings to suit every palette await. Come browse our menu below. There truly is something for everybody.

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